Club Volunteer Recognition Scheme

Recently the Club Executive introduced a Club Volunteer recognition scheme to provide those hard working volunteers of the Club with some recognition of the hard work they do. More details below.

As of December 2021 the Executive introduced a Club Volunteer of the Quarter to recognise those that tirelessly work, often behind the scenes, to help the Club perform.
Members can nominate any volunteer member, or members, that they think are deserving of this award. the Executive will gather the nominations and determine the quarterly winner(s) based on the reasons provided by your nomination.
Forms for nominating can be found above the box (Social Box) near the kitchen door, and nominations should be placed in that box.
Furthermore the Executive will award a Volunteer of the Year award, to be presented at the AGM, and one of the Quarterly winners would be selected to receive this award.


Volunteer of the Year Winner


Ken Meehan


Tom Watson

The July – September 2023 winner of this award was Marilyn Smith who has been awarded this quarter for her continued volunteer support in the Bingo kitchen and around the Club in general. Marilyn has also volunteered to sit on the Ladies Match Committee and assists in the running of the Ladies Winter Pairs.
The Executive commend Marilyn for her dedication.



July – September 2023

Marilyn Smith

April – June 2023

Yvonne Lutey

January – March 2023

John Bushell

October – December 2022

Tom Watson

July – September 2022

Lyn Balding

April – June 2022

Robyn Freer

January – March 2022

Peter Hartnett

October – December 2021

Ken Meehan