Mixed Competitions

All attempts will be made to keep this information current however the notice board will always contain the latest notification.

Mixed Pairs Competition

The Mixed Pairs competition saw John Radford & Elaine Meehan defeat Alan Shone & Dee Inwood.

Mixed Pairs Winners

Mixed Pairs Finalists

Divorced Pairs Competition.

The 2023-24 Divorced Pairs will be advertised when lists are up.

Mixed Fours Competition.

The 2023-24 Mixed Fours Competition final has been run and won. The foursome of Tom Watson, Ted Lutey, Lorelle Watson & Yvonne Lutey defeated Tony de Brouwer, Max Campbell, Marilyn Smith & Janina Kreindl in the final.
Good bowls were seen in both days of the Competition and a nice crowd gathered for the Final.

2023-24 Winners

2023-24 Runners Up

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