Coaches & Umpires

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Club Coaches

The following is the current accredited coaches for the Club.

John Radford Head Coach 31-Jan-27
David Gilroy Club Coach 31-May-25
Michael Jaworski Club Coach 30-Jun-23
Cynthia Lang-Jeffries Club Coach 30-Sep-24
Vera Meehan Club Coach 30-Sep-24
John Nairn Club Coach 31-Oct-27
Bill O’Neill Club Coach 30-Sep-24
Alan Shone Club Coach 30-Jun-24
Darryl Wagstaff Club Coach 31-Jul-23

Senior Coaching

Coaches will be at the club from 3 to 4 pm for players that need help and want to improve their game. There will be drills and practices.

Junior Coaching

For the Juniors there will be sessions from 4 to 5 pm for Junior coaching. Parents are welcome to bring the kids and grandparents can bring grand kids all welcome.

Club Umpires

List of accredited Umpires for the Club.

Peter ALBINSON National Umpire 30 Nov 24
Steven ALDRED National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Les BLECHYNDEN National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Shayne HENDRIKSEN National Umpire 31 May 23
Keith HYDE National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Barbara IMRAY National Umpire 31 Mar 25
George JACKSON (DR) National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Gary JAMES National Umpire 31 Mar 24
Damian KITSON National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Cynthia LANG-JEFFRIES National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Yvonne McGLOIN National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Elaine MEEHAN National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Charles MURPHY National Umpire 31 Mar 25
Lorraine NICHOLSON National Umpire 31 Mar 24
Rex NICHOLSON National Umpire 30 Sep 23
Bill O’NEILL National Umpire
Head Umpire
30 May 25
Alan SHONE National Umpire 30 Apr 25
Lorrelle WATSON National Umpire 31 Jan 25