Men’s Championships

All attempts will be made to keep this information current however the notice board will always contain the latest notification.

The following document provides the Conditions of Play (COP) for all Men’s Championship or Competitions for the 2019-2020 season. Please read 2019-20 Mens Champs COP

Men’s Singles Championship

2019-2020 Singles Championship final between Lindsay Strange & Dennis Pattullo has been postponed and will be played once the Club and Greens re-open.

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Men’s Pairs Championship

The Final between Les Seale & Bill deGroot and Les Kellow & David Gilroy was played at Friday 22-Nov, with Les & Dave taking the prize.

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Men’s Triples Championship

The Men’s Triples event saw Dennis Pattullo, Steve Ryan and Scott Christie take the prize.

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Men’s Fours Championship

Championship played and won by the foursome of Bill Baker, Dr George Jackson, Steve Ryan and Joe Maley. They defeated the team of Garry Watts, Max Campbell, Jason Wilson and Jos Ghijsen in a tight contest 14-12.

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Men’s Novice Championship

Championship played and won by Alan Axton.

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Men’s Veteran Championship

Men’s Veterans Championship is complete with Joe Maley victorious over Dennis Pattullo 25 – 21 in the final.

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Men’s 100Up Competition

The Men’s 100Up has completed with Garry Watts defeating Alan Shone in the final.

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