Volunteers Required

The Club is looking for some volunteers to assist with Social Bowling Events. As members would be aware the Club & Greens are becoming increasingly popular for after work, birthday or celebratory functions. People like to have a bit of fun on the greens and then relax and have a couple of drinks (mixed with the bowls). However for everyone’s enjoyment the events need to supervised by someone with knowledge of bowls and the Club requirements.

The Club is seeking to form a group of Club members to be ‘rostered’ when available to host such social events. This is not our regular Barefoot Bowls program on Friday evenings, nor the Club organised Social bowling events (Chippers, Australia Day and so on) but rather when a group want to spend a couple of hours on the green as part of some event. The requirements are pretty simple:

  • have a knowledge of bowls so as to teach the party the basic skills,
  • show the party where the bowls are in the Club house, and mats and kitties at the greens,
  • supervise the party during the time on the greens making sure they comply with our rules such as smoking (where allowed) and drinking (not on greens) and basic etiquette of bowls,
  • collect $5 per head from the event leader and pass collected money to bar staff,
  • ensure the bowls, mats and kitties are returned to the correct places.

The party would only be your responsibility whilst on the greens, ensuring happy times are had.

If we can obtain some names then we can rotate through and it would basically take about 2-3 hours of your time, generally in the afternoon or evening and maybe on weekends.

Without this support the Club will have to turn away event bookings as the numbers have dwindled to extremely low. Remember some of these visitors may be potential new members.

If you are interested in placing your name as a volunteer please contact one of the Committee.