Men’s Split 4’s Carnival

Well that’s the 2019 Men’s Split Fours Carnival done and dusted.

The Congratulations go out to many for the fantastic effort put in again this year.
To the Greens & Grounds crew for having the greens running so terrifically, and the surrounds of the Club looking fantastic,
To the Bar crew (inside and outside) another stirling effort keeping the bowlers and spectators well hydrated all weekend,
To the kitchen crew another wonderful set of meals on each day, and then to clean and tidy the Clubrooms, great efforts,
To the BBQ team who prepared the sausage sizzle for Saturday well done,
To the raffle ladies who sold all the raffles as needed and wandered around the greens and Club to entice another sale, well done many people have smiles because of that winning ticket,
To the runners during the day either for the outside bar, or inside for tables and so on, great work, and a marathon effort up and down to the outside bar, and
To the Tournament Director and helpers, and the Carnival Committee another well organised carnival with very few glitches (all minor),

Of course without our Sponsors the prizes would likely be less:

Henselite & Perth Bowls Centre

Rockingham RV Solutions

Carlton United Brewery (CUB)

Ron McDonald

so we would like to thank them for their generosity and support.

and finally all the bowlers that turned up and played, congratulations on a good spirited, well played carnival – where everyone got on and played and had great camaraderie , well done.

So finally a great thank you to everyone involved and the Warnbro Bowling Club looks forward to your company next year.

The Carnival has been run and won, with a great couple of days had by all. The winners were

Next Years Champs BEER 0 -108 10 David Fishwick Craig Rich Chris Evans Peter Laurent
Day 1 Winners $260 8 26 29 Daryl Radford Craig Stokes Chris Booth Gary Night
Day 2 Winners $260 6 39 3 Mark Abonnel Ross Knapp Les Phillips Graeme Fewings
4th $800 12 65 28 Robb Tiller James Jaworski Martin Biggs Battler
3rd $1,000 14 56 2 Steve Novak John Slavich Connor Biddle Gavin Faulkner
2nd $1,400 14 65 23 Darren Wilkinson Troy Wilkinson Steve Sampey Gary Giblett
1st $2,400 14 78 4 Brad Ball Dennis Pattullo Russell Bates Luke Bolton



1st Place Winners
2nd Place Winners
3rd Place Winners
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Day 1 Winners
Day 2 Winners
Next Year’s Winners