Club Notices

COVID-19 Update 02-Jun-20

The advice around easing of the Government restrictions (National & Local) have been released. The Executive Committee have discussed what this means for the Club and the rules below are provided, effective next weekend.  

The Executive Committee discussed the latest easing of restrictions (Phase 3) at length and determined that the following will apply from 10AM Saturday 6th June


The Club will open as per the normal schedule (see here if unsure) with the following rules in place:

  1. REGISTER – There will be a register placed inside the Club by the middle door (this will be the only door to be used to gain entry to and exit from the Club). This register needs to be completed by ALL members and visitors using the Club, and will require name, contact phone number and date of entry. This is required by the Government Regulations and if you are unwilling to sign you will not be permitted to use the Club Facilities.
    NOTE: You are required to complete the register once per visit – that is if you visit in the AM, buy a drink, have a roll up and leave – you will be required to complete the register again if you return later.
  2. BAR SERVICE – Members and guests are permitted to use the bar facilities but must consume any purchased drinks whilst seated (inside or outside).
  3. HYGIENE TRAINING – all staff and volunteers MUST have completed at least the Level 1 Hygiene training before being permitted to work behind the bar or in the kitchen. Copies of the Certificate supplied on completion of training is to be provided to the Club Manager for filing. In accordance with the Regulations a Level 2 qualified person must be in attendance when the bar or kitchen is in use.
    NOTE: The regular bar staff will have completed Level 1 and 2 training prior to the Club opening, however for those times when a paid Staff member is not on the premises (ie when the bar is closed) then a Level 2 qualified member MUST be available BEFORE the kitchen or bar can be used.
  4. TABLES & SEATING – In order to maintain social distancing and comply with the Government Regulations (2M2 rule + Social distancing) the tables and chairs have been set per table or areas, including the outside seating. Chairs are not to be removed from another table and moved to form a larger group.
  5. SANITISING – Tables will be sanitised by Bar Staff on completion of its use. Please do not sit at a table that has not been sanitised.
  6. PAYMENTS – Cash and credit card facilities will be available as per normal although contactless payments would be preferred.
  7. KITCHEN – The kitchen operation is still under consideration and the final details will be provided when completed. The Executive are keen to provide meal service again (Fridays and possibly Thursdays) however there are extra requirements to be considered prior to providing that service. The kitchen page (kitchen link here) will be updated as details emerge.
  8. SNACKS – Regulations state that all snack food must be supplied in individual portions so no such snacks will be provided for Thursday & Saturday Bankers. Any Club organised Social events will be dealt with once approved for running.
  9. FUNCTION ROOM – The Function Room will remain closed until (potentially) Phase 4 as it is a storage area for chairs and such that cannot be used under Phase 3 space restrictions. No functions will be booked until further notice. The Executive will determine if the Function Room space is required for a Club Function such as the upcoming AGM’s.

The Greens will open as normal with the following rules in place:

  1. GREENS – All greens will be opened as per normal, however the Greenkeeper may close a green as required for maintenance. Please DO NOT PLAY on a green that is marked as CLOSED. The Greens will remain open only to financial FULL members (as per the Constitution). Social members can only bowl in Club organised events – of which there are none scheduled yet. FULL members are not to bring Social or non-members down to bowl.
  2. ALCOHOL – Alcohol maybe consumed on the Clubs Premises in accordance with the Licence Regulations.
  3. SANITISING – Sanitising product will be available in the mats and jacks cabinets – members are still required to use it prior to collecting mats & jacks, and on replacing them.
  4. SOCIAL DISTANCING – in order to maintain the WHO and Government guidelines bowlers are to maintain the regular social distance between each other on the rink.
  5. ROLL UPS – There will no longer be a restriction on bowlers per rink.
  6. COMPETITIONS – The Club regular competitions (Bankers, Men’s & Ladies Tuesday pairs) will recommence as per the normal schedule.
  7. CLUB FACILITIES – The Club itself will be open, as per the normal scheduled times, with the rules as outlined above.
  8. TOILETS – All toilets (outside and inside) will be open for use.

These measures are designed to keep everyone safe and it is up to the members to ensure the right thing is done otherwise everything will be closed again.

Should the WA Government change its latest easing of COVID-19 restrictions and/or remove them, the Club and/or greens may have to be closed or modified further.