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January 2020

08-Jan-20 Divorced Pairs Day 1 (Evening)
10-Jan-20 Divorced Pairs Day 2 (Evening)
12-Jan-20 Divorced Pairs Final
16-Jan-20 Ladies Fours Championship Day 1
23-Jan-20 Ladies Fours Championship Day 2
26-Jan-20 Australia Day
29-Jan-20 Back to the Shed Night
30-Jan-20 Ladies Fours Championship Finals

February 2020

02-Feb-20 Mixed Pairs Competition Day 1
09-Feb-20 Mixed Pairs Competition Day 2
12-Feb-20 Mixed Fours Competition Day 1
16-Feb-20 Mixed Pairs Competition Finals
19-Feb-20 Mixed Fours Competition Day 2
23-Feb-20 Men’s Fours Championship Day 1
26-Feb-20 Mixed Fours Competition Finals
28-Feb-20 Men’s Fours Championship Day 2

March 2020

06-Mar-20 Men’s Fours Championship Finals
08-Mar-20 Men’s & Ladies Singles Championship Day 1
11-Mar-20 Purslowe & Chippers Mixed Pairs Event (Night)
15-Mar-20 Men’s & Ladies Singles Championship Day 2
22-Mar-20 Men’s & Ladies Singles Championship Finals
TBC Ladies Gala Day
TBC Charity Competition

April 2020

25-Apr-20 Anzac Day Social Bowls

May 2020

02-May-20 Warnbro v Comet Bay Challenge (TBC)
09-May-20 Closing Day

June 2020

Sun 14 WBC AGM

July 2020

TBC Ladies Meeting (TBC)
TBC XMAS in July

August 2020

Sat 15 Men’s Split Fours Carnival Day 1
Sun 16 Men’s Split Fours Carnival Day 2

September 2019


07-Sep-19 Club Opening Day
08-Sep-19 Men’s 100 Up Day 1
15-Sep-19 Men’s 100 Up Day 2
17-Sep-19 Ladies Veteran Championship Day 1
19-Sep-19 Ladies Veteran Championship Day 2
22-Sep-19 Men’s 100 Up Final
24-Sep-19 Ladies Veteran Championship Final
26-Sep-19 Ladies Novice Championship Day 1
28-Sep-19 AFL Grand Final Party
TBC Men’s Saturday Pennants Practice

October 2019


01-Oct-19 Ladies Novice Championship Day 2
08-Oct-19 Ladies Novice Championship Final
10-Oct-19 Ladies Pairs Championship Day 1
17-Oct-19 Ladies Pairs Championship Day 2
20-Oct-19 Men’s Veteran & Novice Championship Day 1
24-Oct-19 Ladies Pairs Championship Final
TBC Men’s Saturday Pennants Practice v Safety Bay
TBC Men’s Saturday Pennants Practice v Dudley Park
TBC Men’s & Ladies Saturday Pennants commences
TBC Ladies Tuesday Pennants commences

November 2019

03-Nov-19 Men’s Veteran & Novice Championship Final
05-Nov-19 Melbourne Cup Day Extravaganza
07-Nov-19 Ladies 100 Up – Day 1
10-Nov-19 Men’s Pairs Championship Day 1
14-Nov-19 Ladies 100 Up – Day 2
17-Nov-19 Men’s Pairs Championship Day 2
21-Nov-19 Ladies 100 Up – Final
22-Nov-19 Men’s Pairs Championship Final
28-Nov-19 Ladies Triples Championship Day 1
TBC Men’s Midweek Pennant commences
TBC Warnbro/Lifestyle Village Match

December 2019

01-Dec-19 Men’s Triples Championship Day 1
05-Dec-19 Ladies Triples Championship Day 2
08-Dec-19 Men’s Triples Championship Day 2
12-Dec-19 Ladies Triples Championship Finals
13-Dec-19 Men’s Triples Championship Finals
TBC Christmas Dinner
Tue 24+ XMAS Club Opening hours